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CONTACT! - 133mm CrazyJet 6.04 Barrel from Maple Leaf

The CrazyJet barrel is a household name at this point, for the last year, it has dominated the MK23 community as the "go-to" upgrade barrel, both for it's quality vs price and for its large hop up window that allows it to make the most of the newer generation of "R-Hop" style hop up buckings, like Maple Leaf's very own Transformer and Super Hero buckings.


Up until now, a barrel length of 150mm has been the most popular choice, mostly for an additional FPS gain afforded by the extra length of the stock 133mm barrel length. However, MK23 owners have had to source their barrels either with the default GBB design, or the Skirmshop exclusive variant that had a modified barrel locating notch for the MK23 hop up assembly, allowing the barrel to be dropped in directly without the need to modify the hop up assembly.

Whilst the ability to drop in the barrel without modifying the hop up assembly was one advantage, users were still faced with needing to drill out the stock outer barrel so that the extended 150mm length could pass through it, or alternatively, replace the outer barrel entirely with an aftermarket one. For some users, this was not something they would be prepared to do for the sake of an extra 27 millimeters and a gain of 15-30 FPS on average.

So, this brings us to our radar ping. Working with Maple Leaf, Skirmshop have procured a 133mm version of the famous CrazyJet 6.04 barrel. This barrel will allow users to complete their installation in an entirely "plug and play" fashion, without the need to modify the hop assembly or drill out the outer barrel, whilst still getting access to the coveted ML quality and compatibility. We expect that users will see a difference of 15 - 30 FPS between the 150 and 133mm barrel, which is ultimately not much in the pursuit of improved accuracy and shot distance over the stock barrel and hop setup.


The 133mm CrazyJet 6.04 barrel is exclusively available now at Skirmshop NL (and later Skirmshop UK), you can find it here: Link

Or check out them directly at: FB: Web:

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