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This is not a drill, repeat, this is not a drill (TM Leak Fix Update)

The year is 2019, and we have been living a lie.

And just like putting on a certain pair of shades - we can finally see the truth of things.


For too long now, MK23 owners have either shyed away from TM magazines, or dreaded to work on them in order to prepare and repair them for the use of higher pressure gas. The main cause for this dread or fear - the need to drill open the false third pin on the TM magazine. The need for a drill is daunting thing, as it requires some basic techincal skill, confidence and poses the risk of permanently damaging the new, fresh, expensive magazine.

It seems, that one member of our community, has held on to a long kept secret that, despite their best attempts to share to the public, has gone unheard all this time. That MK23 owner, Mr. Heinonen has finally been heard, and his secret has quite literally rewritten the book on TM magazine repair. Accordingly, zero use of a drill is require to free up the false third pin; in fact, the pin can simply be crushed down with a 3mm punch tool. He has kindly made a video to demonstrate just how easy this actually is. The simplicity of it is, to the say the least, mindblowing.


If you're looking for some tips on what to do next, once you've crushed in the pin instead of drilling it using, you can check out the remaining steps on Gunsmithy's video, here (from 04:50 in the video):


We hope you find this new method useful, it certainly will save up the hassle in the future! Thanks for reading.

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