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CONTACT! - 3D Printed Flat Trigger from Fidel's Workshop

In the firearms world, the subject of flat / straight trigger versus curved trigger is an active and highly opinionated topic. Whilst some tests and studies have been performed trying to ascertain the answer to the "Which is best?" question, it ultimately comes down to user preference every time. For example, leading to an example like this: Link Here's how a flat and curved trigger look like, so you have an idea of where we are heading (Source: Strongsidetactical).

Flat and Curved RS trigger. Source:

So if faced with the same question when looking at the Airsoft side of the argument, do we find ourselves facing the same dilemma and answer? Is one trigger style better than the other? And if so, is it something we should try to take advantage of with the MK23?

Fortunately, it looks like we don't need to do a load of paperwork first before being able to try out a working product to find out for ourselves if a flat or curved trigger is better for us as shooters - and skipping ahead to the most likely answer of it being down to personal choice.

Thanks to the French 3D printing studio, Fidel's Workshop, a flat trigger option for our MK23's looks to be on the close horizon. But before we take a look at what they have teased for us, here's a little background on some of the main argument points for and against flat / curved triggers.

Curved vs Flat Curved -

  • More consistent finger placement due to finger finding position in natural curve of the trigger.

  • Allows for more opportunity to pull at the joint of the finger rather than the pad.

  • Can feel heavier than flat because the tip of the trigger is not used as effectively to leverage the trigger pull.

Flat -

  • Flat trigger bow gives enhanced control and lighter perceived weight.

  • Reduced total weight for precision fire control.

  • Encourages the use of the trigger tip for full trigger pull leverage.

  • Looks tacticool.


Trigger happy

Now let's take a look at what Fidel's Workshop have for us below. Please keep in mind that these are very much prototype samples right now and do not represent the final working product.


Speaking with Fidel's Workshop, we have been told that they will be able to provide triggers in a full range of filament colors to suit your personal tastes.


With the trigger being made available in plastic, here's a quick summary of the of points to consider ahead when using a plastic trigger versus the stock metal trigger.

Plastic vs Metal

Plastic -

  • More prone to structural failure (heat warping, stress breakages, QC inconsistencies).

  • Far lighter than metal.

  • Affordable

  • Colors

Metal -

  • Durable, less likely to have structural failure or inconsistencies.

  • Heavier than plastic.

  • Expensive for quality CNC parts.

  • Generally black or silver.

When considering these points for the FW flat trigger. We're not yet sure how durable the trigger will be, especially in hotter climates and after prolonged use. But they are all points that have been brought to the attention of Fidel's Workshop.


Currently, we do not have a estimated release for the flat trigger, but we are due to receive a prototype for test and will be initially providing feedback to Fidel's Workshop before a final version is made available to the wider community. Our review will follow the release of the final product to ensure that it's as accurate as possible.

Please head over to Fidel's Workshop for more information about them and their products. You can find them here: FB:

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