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Please select a part type from the categories listed below to view a list of our selected aftermarket parts we have reviewed or recommend for the selected part type.

This is not a complete list of all available parts, and is simply a recommended list based on feedback after personal use and experience from MK23 users from across the world over a period of months or years.


Items listed here are so on their own merit, and new items will only be placed here after successful testing by the community. Parts listed here may have links to several points of purchase, such as a retailer or independent seller. These are only example locations as to where you might be able to source the listed part and you are encouraged to do your own research for best prices and shipping to your location.





If you are looking to replace broken or worn parts, please use the following section and refer to the parts manual link in the Additional Options menu.


For OEM / Original Part replacements, please check out the following stockists:



The parent group on Facebook, the true source for all MK23 owners and their discoveries!

Our partner for 3D printed MK23 kits and accessories, including the famous modular carbine kit.

Our partner for truly effective 3D printed suppressors, accessories and the essential TDC cover.

Our partner in the leading designs for 3D printed holsters, pouches, rails and more.

The man behind truly masterful usage of the MK23, and an ambassador for the platform!

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