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For many years after it's initial release, the Tokyo Marui MK23 NBB was the only version of the MK23 available on the market. It's plastic construction and slide a detterent for many airsofters due to its perceived lack of realism. Eventually full metal construction GBB versions of the MK23 (such as the model offered by KWA/UMAREX) appeared, giving players the option to finally own a heavyweight MK23 in all it's metallic glory.


However, for NBB users who still desired a metal slide whilst retaining their NBB functionality, there was only the hope that eventually a manufacturer or individual would come to their call and provide a metal slide. In 2017, both options became a reality with individuals starting limited projects and full CNC slide versions appearing on the market. For those ​looking for accurate trademarks, several options now exist.

Please find below a list of the communities most recommended aftermarket slide replacements. Slides on this list have been tried and tested in Airsoft skirmishes over several months and have proven to remain durable and reliable in use for the tested period.



| Shooters Design CNC Slide |



Absorbs cold temperatures

Limited availability

Guilty pleasure

Unknown to many





The Shooters Design Slide is available from the following retailer:

Shooters Design CNC Slide - Link

Although a fairly mysterious company, with very little known about their origins, Shooters Design have been in the airsoft market for many years, focusing on the product of realistic, high quality external replacement parts. They are most well known for their excellent CNC constructed GBB pistol full slide replacements.

The Shooters Design CNC slide for the MK23 GBB is a fairly recent addition to their product line and is the first full metal CNC constructed slide that is compatible for the Tokyo Marui MK23 NBB. The slide kit includes the slide, dust cover and iron sight replacements. The Slide itself features full realistic trademarks and a faux serial number, whilst the dust cover includes both trademarks and caliber markings.

The slide is a perfect with with the Toyko Marui MK23 version, but may need a little more work to fit on the clone models. The slide allows the use of a Hadron Airsoft Design TDC dust cover to be used. As this is a niche item, and due to its CNC construction,  it does range on the expensive side.


  • Accurate H&K Trademarks.

  • Faux Serial Number.

  • Caliber Markings on Dust Cover.

  • CNC Construction.

  • Realistic weight.

  • Compatible with Tokyo Marui MK23.

  • Compatible with Hadron Airsoft Design TDC cover.

  • Available in the following colours:

    • Black​

    • Silver

    • Titanium


Realistic Trades

CNC Construction

TM Compatible

Shooters Designs CNC Slide
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