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When MK23 user's first started to identify the amazing potential of the MK23 as a weapon platform, inventive users started to open up existing weapons to find ways to mount the MK23 within the donor frame to augment the original weapon beyond it's original potential with the power of the MK23 at its core. Not only did this give MK23's a new appearance and legitimacy that was more widely accepted at specific airsoft events due to it no longer representing a pistol, it gave users of these DIY kits, added and improved support through the hosts stock and rail accessories.

Whilst these kits, referred to as Carbine Kits started to be produced by legitimate manufacturers, replicating real steal variants, nothing was available for the monstrous size of the MK23, which again left people resorting to gutting out new hosts from these carbine kits and even Nerf guns or simply fashioning kits themselves.

With the arrival or 3D printing, early designs allowed MK23 users to mount a small optic and foregrip, but did not accommodate for much more, or provide the very much needed support from a stock. It wasn't long after before the MK23 community saw the arrival of a fully featured Carbine Kit, that provided stock support and enough real estate for accessories. Several 3D printed designs now exist on the paid and free market, but the quality and reliability of kits differs with certain offerings clearly standing above others in both how they are viewed in the community and their physical construction / reliability.

Please find below a list of the communities most recommended aftermarket Carbine Kit upgrades. Carbine Kits on this list have been tried and tested in Airsoft skirmishes over several months or years and have proven to remain durable and reliable in use for the tested period.



| Foundry Airsoft Carbine Conversion Kit |


Direct Order only

3D Printed kit, not CNC




The Foundry Airsoft Carbine kit is available from the following retailer:

Contact to order - Link


"Big thanks goes out to Alex May at Foundry Airsoft for this carbine kit! Such a stable platform it's unbelievable! " - Gary Fox

"Hats off the Alex and Foundry Airsoft... tolerances are perfect. As Jim Carey says..."like a glove"." - Steven (Hadron Airsoft Designs)

"Just got my carbine kit. Now I need more mags..." - Toby Rude

Foundry Airsoft (FA) first appeared in the MK23 community in 2015 with their early versions of their famous MK23 carbine kit, but have developed 3D printed parts for a variety of weapon platforms since 2014. Their products have a reputation for being innovative, reliable and attractively designed. One of their more recent designs, and arguably the design that they are now most well known for, is that of the MK23 Carbine Kit.

Constructed from durable 3D printed filament, the FA Carbine Kit shares similarities with well known real world pistol to rifle conversion kits such as the Roni kit from CAA, but accomplishes the conversion through it's ability to mount the unwieldy size of the MK23. Whilst the Roni kit for example, features limited rail space, and a specific kit only stock, the FA Carbine Kit with it's almost unlimited (through the additional modules) top and side rail real estate allows the mounting of full size rifle scopes, bipods, laser units and even cameras for the discerning filmmaker.

The FA Carbine Kit provides the ability to mount user selected full size, retractable or even foldable stocks to give an unmatched versatility for any mission. Kit's and extension modules are available to accommodate Keymod or Picatinny accessory mounting. Through the use of the extension kits, users are able to configure their carbine kits to full size DMR rifle lengths with longer internal inner barrels concealed within outer barrel extensions to truly bring the performance of the MK23 to DMR specifications.

The FA Carbine Kit has been developed in multiple variations to meet customers speicfications and is available in a variety of formats whilst retaining it's core features and functionality. For example, the kit can be ordered as a slim barebones kit with no side rails, or as a complete weapon imitation kit such as the VSS suppressed rifle.


  • Pistol fits securely via friction fit and bolt lock through safety lever hole.

  • Compatible with the Tokyo Marui MK23

  • Compatible with all clone MK23's.

  • Allows for external adjustment of the Hadron Airsoft Designs TDC.

  • Allows for fixed, retractable and folding stocks to be fitted.

  • Top and side mounted fixed rails allow for the following accessories to be attached:

    • Scope / Red Dot sights​

    • Foregrips

    • Flashlight / Lasers

    • Cameras

  • Allows for stock suppressor to be mounted.

  • Extension modules allow for extended inner and outer barrels to be used and concealed.

  • Features a rear facing compass for on the spot orientation.

  • Robust 3D printed construction and filament.

  • Supports Keymod or Picatinny attachments.

  • Fully customized at individual request.

  • Easy and quick installation.

Lightweight parts

Easy assembly

Solid construction

Use of a stock

Use of accessories

Complete conversion kit for DMR setup


Improves Stability

Versatile Design

Foundry Airsoft
FA Carbine Kit Overview 1
FA Carbine Kit Overview 2
FA Carbine Kit Overview 3
FA Carbine Kit Overview 4
FA Carbine Kit Overview 5
FA Carbine Kit Overview 6
FA Carbine Kit Example 1
FA Carbine Kit Example 2
FA Carbine Kit Example 3
FA Carbine Kit Example 4
FA Carbine Kit Example 5
FA Carbine Kit Example 6
FA Carbine Kit Example 7
FA Carbine Kit Example 8
FA Carbine Kit Example 9
FA Carbine Kit Example 10
FA Carbine Kit Example 11
FA Carbine Kit Example 12
FA Carbine Kit Example 13
FA Carbine Kit Example 14
FA Carbine Kit Example 15
FA Carbine Kit Example 16
FA Carbine Kit Example 17


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