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CONTACT! - Foundry Airsoft 3D Printed LAM Unit

The Tokyo Marui MK23 LAM Unit. It's bulky, bland, bulbous and generally not very bright (without modification!), and if that wasn't enough, its not readily accessible to Clone MK23 users that actually want it!

So, is it any wonder why most MK23 users source a rail adapter and opt in for an alternative, more modern (and expensive) and slimline weapon light? If you're one of those users (For the record, we love the look, its part of our logo!), then you might be interested in Foundry Airsoft's latest project.


Being the innovative bunch they are, Foundry Airsoft have been working on a 1:1 scale copy of the existing LAM Unit, firstly because they can, and secondly to meet any demand from Clone users wish to use the LAM unit and unable to source one second hand or without buying a TM MK23. The difference with the FA version, is that it will be available as either a Dummy LAM unit for those that want it for the look, or a fully functioning unit with a focus adjustable CREE flashlight and red (under 5mW)laser. It's not believed that it will include a functioning IR laser at this time.

Not impressed? Well the 1:1 scale copy is just the starting point.

Using the 1:1 scale as a platform to build upon, Foundry Airsoft developed an alternative proprietary design to meet a more modern taste, as you can see below. Note: This design is still in prototyping stage, but it's a good indicator of where it's heading.


Again, this will version of their LAM Unit be available as both a non-functional Dummy, and with the adjustable CREE bulb and red laser, both will be activated by a toggle flick switch. The unit will mount to a standard 20mm rail, but will best suited to mount to the FA rail adapter.

Here are some closer shots.


Whether or not this particular version of LAM Unit takes your fancy, there have been very few 3D printed weapon lights produced for the MK23 up until now, with the exception of a couple of basic designs on the open community, and some custom requests produced by Double Tap Designs. This project from Foundry Airsoft is an important one, as the design's foundation will help pave way for future variants and specifications that will rise up from the likely community demand.

We'll be following this exciting project closely leading up to it's physical release!

You can check out Foundry Airsoft via the following links: