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CONTACT! - The Novritsch SSX-23 GNB

It's been 8 months since we left off from our initial CONTACT! report of the controversial subject of the MK23 from Novritsch. In that article, we speculated heavily, analysed all that there was to analyse and offered up some rather mystical predictions as to what we would expect to see in the MK23 release from the Novritsch team. After much wait, intrigue and a touch of uncertainty, we finally find ourselves at the release date of Novrtisch's latest and arguably most anticipated release! Introducing the SSX-23.


The SSX-23 is a self-proclaimed fully modular system based on the MK23 Gas Non-Blowback pistol that we use every weekend. As you can see from the image above, its decked out in accessories and appears to offer something for every type of MK23 user. The SSX-23 itself calls the existing clone models family, by utilizing many of the same non-TM parts and framework found on the market. The key difference here is that Novritsch has put key attention to the communities gripes and whines concerning the Clone platform and improved upon them to provide a noticeably better quality of life and user experience. Namely, we've seen improvements in some of the following areas:


- Channel width widened to allow bottom feeding of BB's instead of the Feed Lips.

- Magazine Gasket replaced with an improved and harder material to ease with nozzle travel and feeding.

Pistol Grip: - Internal magazine well chamber radius tightened to improve magazine retention. Magazine Catch: - Sear to engage safety removed to prevent accidental engagement. Slide: - RMR mounting holes are pre-drilled to allow mounting of RMR optics.

- Iron-sights have been pre-drilled and fitted with light reactive rods.

Outer Barrel:

- Outer barrel bore diameter has been pre-drilled to allow for longer than stock inner barrels to be installed.

Pistol Case:

- A hard shell pistol case is provided for transport and storage.

Already, the most talked about addition to these quality of life changes, is the range of pre-installed upgrades to be found on the pistol itself. The most striking of this list is the CNC aluminum metal slide.


The slide grants users who have long requested an affordable metal slide to be able to install and mount fiber sights and either a RMR optic to the rear or a rail platform to mount additional picatinny based optics. It's pretty much the defining feature of the SSX-23 and for enthusiasts, it's being offered separately and is compatible with all versions of existing MK23 models.

Internally, we're seeing the well tested and long considered community "Go To" Maple Leaf Autobot 50 Degree bucking being installed as standard with a proprietary 6.02 144mm inner barrel which we assume has a large window to cater to the bucking mound. On top of that sits yet another proprietary piece in the form of a steel hop arm which opts for a flat surface area instead of the "industry standard" concave plate and stock hop arm combo that we have seen until now. This flat hop arm is coupled with a basic but functional dust cover fitted with a nylock screw for direct Top Down Center adjustment to the hop arm, giving the pistol the means to throw out heavier weight BB's.


It's too early to evaluate how this internal combination of parts will work in play, and for the same reason, its entirely too early to say that the leading, existing aftermarket upgrades will not still remain as "must haves" in the SSX-23.

Of worthy noted, yet not sold in the basic SSX-23 package, is the modular suppressor. Made in 3 sections, the suppressor retains the styling of the original KAC based MK23 suppressor, but allows the user to modify the length to suit their audible needs or visual aesthetics.


There is naturally a whole array of additional accessories being provided in the SSX-23 system that can be ordered individually to the standalone pistol, as well as a full range of replacement parts should any repairs be required. You'll want to check out the new DTD holster (we'll save that for a separate article to give it the attention it deserves!).

However, this is just a glimpse at whats on offer, and at this point, we would really encourage you to check out the SSX-23, introduced by Christoph himself in his own words before you head on over to the Novritsch store and check out the full extent of the SSX-23 project and what's on offer.


We hope you find something to be impressed about in the SSX-23, and we invite you to join the discussion in the MK23 Owners Group on Facebook, which you can find here or from the footer link at the bottom of the site page. As expected, we will be getting our hands on the SSX-23 and pitting it against everything we can throw at it, so standby for our review!

In the mean time, check out the SSX-23 system in full via the link below: NOVRITSCH - The SSX-23 System

Thanks for your time!

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