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CONTACT! - RMR Rail and Compensator assembly from Alex 3D Print

In the realm of 3D printed Airsoft parts, imitating real steel CNC designs is a bit of a grey area. We don't encourage it, but at the same time, we can't see 99% of the community justifying the purchase of some of these real steel parts, when they cost 2000% more than the 3D printed alternative (sometimes upwards of the cost of a fully upgraded MK23). Unlike the real steal counterparts, the 3D printed designs do not need to survive the shock of one or more .45 ACP rounds, nor be a perfect, long lasting fit on real firearm. So then, should we morally accept that we simply won't have access to these parts because of their cost, availability or incompatibility, or, should we accept the imitation or similarities of the real steel counterparts as the finest form of flattery towards them and that the parts should be used if made available to us as Airsofters? As always, it's a personal choice. So let us offer you yet another temptation to decide upon.

Take a look at this:


Alex 3D Print (not to be confused with Alex from Foundry Airsoft) is a Swiss based 3D parts printer, they are previously known for their extensive range of 3D printed suppressors, muzzle devices, sniper rifle accessories and knives. Recently they have expanded their range of MK23 compatible parts and accessories, including the assortment above.

What you're looking at is a RMR (Rear Mounted Reticle) mount and muzzle compensator assembly. The RMR mount is cranked down to offer a lower profile sight picture, whilst the compensator emulates top ports which would reduce vertical rise during a real world firing of the pistol. The design is super slick, and screams like it just came out of John Wick. Here are some more angles on it.


The design aims to cater to MK23 users who like to go loud, negating the need for a suppressor (although it remains possible to use a suppressor with the rail mount), whilst opting for fast target acquisition without the added bulk of a weaponlight.

Seeing double

If you are starting to recognize the layout, you'll be forgiven for thinking you have "Déjà vu"; you've likely seen this design before on a real steel MK23; specifically one decked out in Waffenlechner parts.

At a starting price of €160 for the German made Waffenlechner compensator (link) alone, and a further €230 for the rail assembly (link), you might be starting to feel your wallet tug on those earlier morals. Here's a look at the real deal.


At this point, you'll probably start to see how similar the original and the Alex 3D Print parts are, they are pretty uncanny. Naturally, there are both dimensional and stylistic differences between the two parts. See if you can spot them from the additional images below.


If you noticed that the Alex 3D Print assembly was lower in height, had a different cutout pattern, compensator port position and lacked a picatinny mount, then you got most of them. Despite these differences, the Alex 3D Print version is clearly a homage to the original WL assembly, theres no escaping it, but it is at least a very flattering and accurate attempt of imitation.

Forbidden fruit

If you've succumbed to the overall design at this point, you're probably too far gone to be saved and we need to talk about the remaining details for the 3D printed version.

Having spoken with Alex 3D Print about this design, there are a few things worth knowing for the potential buyer before making the purchase. The current RMR mount is specific to a certain type of RMR optics, with the mounting holes and lugs on the mount only matching that specific type of RMR optic. We believe that most Trijicon style RMR replica optics will fit this mounting point, but anything larger will probably be incompatible. In light of this, Alex 3D Print will offer buyers a blank mounting plate, so that buyers can drill in mounting holes for themselves. We have also been told that in a near future version of the assembly, a picatinny 20mm rail adapter plate that will attach to the RMR mounting holes will be provided upon request, to allow for a greater range of optics to be mounted.

Whilst we have not yet got our hands on this slick bit of plastic, it's on our wishlist and is something we hope to cross-out at the soonest opportunity!

If you like what you've seen and are feeling a little more morally corrupt that you were before starting this article, head on over to the product page (available in French only) here:

Support RMR + Compensator: Link

You can check out the rest of their catalog and find out more at:


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