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Airsoft Nation Podcast: The MK23 Show

Turn back time to October 2018, specifically this moment exactly:



This was the moment Graham from Airsoft Nation (one of the UK's largest Airsoft news outlets and blogs, and host of the Airsoft Nation Podcast contacted us to invite us on to their Live show. Naturally the conversation progressed postively, and before we knew it, we were booked in to appear on the show only 2 months later, December 10th.

Some of you are probably asking after that brief introduction, who or what is Airsoft Nation? Based in the UK, Airsoft Nation was created in 2016, it started out as a marketplace and skirmish site guide, but quickly developed in to a resource providing Airsoft related news articles and product reviews. It later released it's Airsoft Nation Podcast which featured live guests from within the Airsoft community, from retailers, to players and fellow bloggers. Fast forward to today, and Airsoft Nation has developed in to a fully fledged Social Network, offering a home to community groups and individual Airsofters from all over the world.


Graham recognized our passion for the MK23 replica, and our role within the community to grow it to the size and following that it has today, and would focus the topic of the show on these points and why we specifically chose to create the ON MY MK blog in the first place.

As the date approached, we started to see the usual pre-show posts go up in anticipation for the our date on the Airsoft Nation Podcast show.


Loaded with some pre-set questions, we had some idea of what to expect, but come the evening of December 10th, we went live and got our chance to convert the AN viewership to the MK23 platform.


You can watch the whole interview in the video below, or via the shared link to the original Airsoft Nation stream on our Facebook page.


To this date, the video has received: 2.3k viewers, 112 comments and 12 shares. And we have heard reports from retailers that interest in the MK23 has increased considerably following our Live stream on Airsoft Nation. It might be a co-incidence, but we like to think that we did our part to increase the numbers of the MK23 cult! If you joined in live, we thank you for your time and support, and if you are only watching it now, our thanks to you now is just as meaningful!

Please head over to Airsoft Nation to learn more about their ongoing work and involvement in the Airsoft community. You can find them at:

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