Sink your teeth in to this... (HAD FANG hop nub)

The reports are in. Civilians all over the realm are being found with distinctive red circular marks upon their flesh. Conspirators cry out from the light about fanged, shapeless beings, striking from the shadows and leaving their victims without trace or hope. Luckily, we do not speak of vampires... No, we speak of a more fear inspiring monster. The FANG plate, which is out and available now for acquisition from our partners over at Hadron Airsoft Designs!

Like the H Plate before it, the FANG is said to change the game up entirely. Featuring a ambi-directional design that removes the need for the plate to be mounted in a specific direction by locating the small dot on the surface, the FANG is even easier to install than it's predecessor. The FANG features enlarged concave curvature that gives it its namesake and likeness to a pair of fangs. These prolonged curves provide even deeper and surrounding contact with the hop rubber to form a mound that provides the ultimate coverage on the BB. The additional benefit of these lengthier canines is that they are capable of creating a R-Hop style mound without the need for the hop rubber to have an existing R-Hop style patch like the Maple Leaf rubbers. The claim is that these will work with almost any hop rubber on the market and provide striking results, but will naturally accentuate the effect of R-Hop style hop mounds. Users will not need to replace their TDC's if they already have a Version 2 TDC, but it is recommended that any users still equipped with a Version 1 TDC seek out a replacement. Rumors from Hadron themselves say that the FANG plate is designed with a M Hop in mind, a new up and coming release from Hadron later this year with very little detail known about it. If it's anything like HAD's existing products, expect innovation at it's finest.

We will update this article once we get a chance to review the FANG ourselves and will be watching feverishly as to how it is received in the community. Go and check our the FANG yourself, head over to Hadron's web shop here.

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