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Double Action, Double the effort? (Two-Stage Trigger Removal Guide)

This is a continuation of the installation instructions for the "Double Action Removal" Quality of Life upgrade guide (link). The following images and instructions assumes that the details surrounding the guide have already been read through and that these images are purely for visual aid to perform the mod itself. To repeat the disclaimer from the guide, this mod should only be performed with the knowledge that using the pistol in a Single Action method like this may result in double feeding rounds in to the hop up / hop up ramp if trigger pulls do not complete their action due to hesitation or cancellation of the shot. Any damage caused by this mod is entirely at the users fault. You have been warned!


1. Remove the slide from the lower body.

2. Locate the trigger assembly securing screw and unscrew it from the lower frame.

3.(For clone MK23's) Locate the rear safety lever and the small pin shown when the lever is in "safe".

3a. Push the pin through to the right side of the body (opposite to the side shown in the photo above).

4. With the pin removed, lift and pull the black trigger assembly upwards away from the lower frame. You may need to pull the trigger back slightly to free it up through the trigger slot.

5. Put the lower frame to one side and remove the loose trigger arms from each side of the trigger assembly.

6. Turn over the trigger assembly to the opposite side to shown in the image above.

7. Locate the two assembly screws and unscrew them both.

8. With the screws removed, separate the two halves for the trigger assembly.

9. Locate the double action sear as highlighted in the image below.

10. Slowly and carefully remove the double action sear by lifting it out of the trigger assembly. This should leave the an empty slot in the assembly as shown below.

11. Return the the two halves together, careful to make sure that the assembly and trigger pins line up correctly when doing so. 12. Return and fasten the trigger assembly screws back in place.

13. Return the trigger arm's back in to their slots on each side of the assembly. The arm with the slight notch in it is placed on the left side opposite the side where you screwed the trigger assembly screws back in. 14. Keeping pressure on the triggers arms to keep them in place, lower the trigger assembly back in to the lower frame, back side in first. You may need to pull the trigger slightly to allow it to pass through in to the trigger guard.

15. Return the trigger assembly securing screw to the assembly.

16. Return the safety lever pin back in to the assembly from the right side in towards the left.

17. With the trigger assembly secured, test that the double action function has been removed and that a trigger pull can now be completed in one motion before the hammer releases.

18. Return the slide to rejoin the with the lower frame.

19. Enjoy your new single action pistol!

To return the pistol back to double action, repeat these steps, only add the double action sear back in to the trigger assembly. For more information, a french tutorial that includes the disassembly of the trigger mechanism is available at this here (link).

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