Standard to stubby, silent and functional! (Clone Suppressor Modification)

So you've recently seen the light and bought your first MK23, but you opted for a clone instead of a Tokyo Marui and are now finding yourself with a MK23 and a suppressor that just doesn't suppress? You need not worry, there is a solution that will bring the silence you dearly miss and won't cost the price of your gun!

This quick tutorial will guide you through the disassembly of the standard length clone suppressor so that you can fit it with noise reducing foam/material or to go one step further and reduce the length of the suppressor to compact and manageable size.


Grab some elbow grease and follow these relatively simple steps (stop at step #3 to remain at standard suppressor length and resume again at step #7):

1. Soak front end in boiling hot water for several minutes to melt glued cap.

2. Using a blade edge placed in the front cap recess (line), tap around the rim of the front cap in a chisel like fashion using a screwdriver handle to pry the cap off.

3. Remove inner barrel assembly.

4. Use a saw or dremmel and cut around in the recess where the two halves of the suppressor meet.

5. Remove excess plastic and file down so that the new edge is leveled.

6. Using a knife/blade, file or dremmel, remove enough material from the inside diameter of the new edge so that the cap will friction fit and slot in.

7. Using the metal spring from the inner barrel assembly, place the spring in the circular recess at the threaded end of the suppressor and add foam rings over the spring to add internal stability and stop BB's catching on the foam. (Get foam from another suppressor or DIY some yourself).

8. Add on the end cap and check all foam rings are aligned correctly and allow for BB to pass through correctly.

9. Glue on the end cap.

10. Enjoy your new stubby suppressor!

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