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Mag in a Jam? (Naunak MagStack)

For those of you that suffer from frequent mag jams, and have tried all of the available DIY modifications or provided solutions to no avail, a fellow MK23 user has designed a simple solution that totally eradicates the issue!

"Frequent jams you say? What issue?" For many it's unheard of, but it's no myth. Here's a real world example:


As you can see in the video above, something went horrible wrong with the MK23, leading to Naunak's untimely demise. What exactly happened?

Born through necessity, Naunak experienced consistent jamming in his MK23 magazines, both with the TM and clone magazines. After trying all of the available methods to rectify the issue without success, he sought out to prevent the issue from happening all together by redesigning the way the magazine feeding system all together. Naunak has created a 3D printed insert that replaces the default spring and follower in the MK23 magazine, converting the feeding system from a double stack feed system (Two BB's adjacent to each other) to a single stack feed system (One BB above another). Given the name of the "MagStack", this works in both the TM and clone magazines (although two separate versions for each exist right now), and ensures free feeding.

The "Issue"

So this "issue" we're talking about here, you're probably wondering what it looks like? Well here's a before and after:


Notice where the BB's are stacked in the magazine well on the "Before" image? Well that's your issue right there. Due to friction, tolerance inconsistencies, deformation, bumps, magazine follower deformation, and a number of other reasons, the BB stack gets locked in place below the feed lips. This "jam" then prevents rounds from feeding in to the pistol and effectively causing the user to "go empty", usually at critical moments of play. For people who have experienced his issue, it's incredibly frustrating and often leads to a lost opportunity or being tagged out by your intended victim. Both Naunak, Airsoft Camman and Kicking Mustang have experienced this issue on camera in some of their recent videos. You can find more information about the issue in this Facebook post, which also includes some of the DIY fixes suggested by community members that have for some, solved the issue entirely.

The "Magstack"

When you receive your MagStack, it arrives in a sealed plastic bag, with the package containing the following parts: 1 x Single Stack Feed Channel Insert

1 x Single Stack Follower

1 x Single Stack Spring

The plastic parts are 3D printed, but they are certainly durable.


The Single Stack Feed Channel insert slides in to the stock magazine BB channel, which converts the channel from a double stack to a single stack feeding system (largely due to the size of the channel insert taking up the space used by the double stack channel).

This insert does reduce the capacity down to just 15 BB's as it stacks them singularly, which naturally reduces the magazines maximum capacity, but the caveat and saving grace of this reduced capacity is that each and every shot is fed up in to the pistol. This reduction in capacity will undoubtedly also appeal to those seeking a more realistic capacity (with the real steel limited to 12 rounds) and/or may also tie in well with game and ammo restrictions.


Looking at the image above, three quarters of the way down near the bottom of the magazine insert channel you can clearly see that Naunak has given consideration to reloading by including a notch that allows the use of bottom feeding the magazine. When installing the MagStack in the clone magazines you'll need the modify the magazine channel width to allow this notch to be used as the channel is too narrow to begin with.

After installing the MagStack by removing the feed lips and inserting the various parts, you'll start to see the simplicity of the design. With the magazine fully loaded you can see in the image below, the single stack of the BB's take form and that the stack also aligns the top BB in a dead center position within the lips which equates to the magazine delivering a smooth feed.


With the MagStack inserted, there really is nothing left to do than to go out and use your magazines with peace of mind and confidence, free of concern that they should jam at the most vital of moments.

Summary The MagStack from Naunak is clearly an innovative solution to restoring feeding functionality to a irreparable magazine that simply refuses to feed as it should. It's also a great preventative to use to avoid encountering the feeding issue in the first place. Despite this, It is not however a "must have" upgrade that should be purchased for a MK23 straight out of the box. It serves a specific purpose and users should consider purchasing and installing the MagStack only after reviewing the benefits and negatives of doing so or after first attempting to solve the feeding issues themselves through the provided community methods. To some in the community, there is a claim of over-engineering at play here, but the MagStack excels at solving an issue that members such as Naunak have simply been unable to solve in their magazines, and it has been engineered to perfection, for people that require perfection from their MK23 and it's magazines. Pros: - Solves magazine well feeding issues, 100%.

- Single stack design, no gaps in the the BB feed due to improper loading. - Easy to install. - Enhanced follower grip for improved reloading. - Stronger spring, ensures heavyweight BB's have no trouble feeding.

- Single point follower head used in single stack prevents BB's from rolling over 1 side of the follower.

- Durable 3D printed material.


- Single stack reduces total capacity from a maximum of 28 rounds down to 15.

- Additional cost to already expensive magazines.

For detailed instructions on installing the MagStack, Naunak has provided the video below:


For prices and more information, check out Naunak via his Facebook: