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Smooth is Silent, Silent is Smooth (Silent Trigger Guide)

Not too long a go, some of the best technical minds (read: the guys who like to prod and poke at the workings of the MK23) put their genius together to identify key locations in the MK23 trigger assembly that were the cause of the well known and hated "trigger and hammer noise" that is usually louder than the suppressed muzzle report. The results of their findings are quite honestly game changing.

The original thread detailing the thought process and progress leading up to the eventual solutions can be found here:


Part 2 However, if you took a look at the Facebook links above, you'll notice that the information is rather piecemeal and hard to follow.

Thankfully, OMMK's very own Gary Fox took the time and effort to compile a tutorial walk-through video to serve as a reference whilst guiding you through the steps as you perform these modifications for yourself.

To clarify a few things noted in the video: - The super stealthy lubricant tape used can be found here.

- The rubber used on the joints and surfaces was a sliced up hop up rubber.

- The modifications may decrease FPS very slightly, but do not otherwise cause any loss of performance.

Please take the next step in achieving the ultimate stealthy MK23! Enjoy the video! (direct link)

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