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Dude, where's my mags? (Magazine Painting Guide)

Have you ever been in that situation where either in game or whilst re-stocking back at the safe zone and you reach to retrieve a magazine only to see you've lost a magazine or three? Well, this is a KISS method of helping you locate them after you've dropped them among the rough. How to: 1. Thoroughly clean the magazine to remove any oil/silicone residues. 2.. Take the magazine and mask off any areas you do not want to apply paint (the base plate, the feed lips, as router and BB channel for e.g) 3. Using a brightly colored paint of your choice, apply light coats to the magazine. 4. Follow the instructions on the paint to build up a couple of solid layers and allow to dry. 5. Once dry, remove the tape and try for fit in the Pistol and sand any problem areas - there really shouldn't be any problems as the mag well has large tolerances.

And voila! An easy to find magazine in the event of losing them even in a dense woodland environment.


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