Magazines letting off Steam? (Magazine Leak Fix)

We're going to take a look at a couple of things here.

First off lets cover the difference between the gas pressures that the TM and clone magazines can take.

The clone magazines can take any pressure of gas from factory, suffering only from the usual O ring issues that all gas magazines are prone to. So keeping them full and not storing them empty is the way. If the O ring does fail then you can still follow the steps below to strip and replace the O ring, just omit the procedures of drilling the locking pin and sealing the valve.

Now with the genuine Tokyo Marui magazines there is built into the base a safety blow off valve. This can seem just like a leaking O ring when this leaks off. This is designed to leak off excess gas when the pressure is too high inside the magazine reservoir so can put people off using higher powered gasses. In winter months this is not usually an issue but can be a game of chance when the weather warms up or if you live and play in a warmer climate.

So what to do?

Options are to run the TM magazines as normal and fix any issues as they arise or perform a pre-emptive strike and strip the magazine to seal the safety valve.

Which ever you decide to do, here's a break down of how to go about it and what you'll need.