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CONTACT! - WiiTech CNC Reinforced Parts Lineup

WiiTech is a name that has seemingly come out of thin air, at least in the MK23 community. With their first product for the MK23 being released on the 7th of December 2018, their appearance is very fresh - and very very refreshing.


The Hong Kong based aftermarket parts manufacturer now has 12 upgrade parts (at the time of this writing) available for the MK23, with many other parts available for other pistols and platforms. WiiTech focus on delivering CNC Enhanced (usually steel) replacement parts, mainly for replica internals. The quality of their parts is a vast step up from lower quality, mass produced, internals that are found in stock replicas. For our MK23, WiiTech have covered all the bases, providing us with a plethora of choices ranging from a Enhanced Hammer to a Nozzle Return Spring.

With their latest MK23 release, a replacement outer barrel that allows longer inner barrels to pass through, we do not expect any further releases from them for the MK23 until after April 2019. Due to this, we feel it is an excellent time highlight their current full MK23 product lineup so that you know what's available - and what we will be reviewing in the near future once we receive our own parts for review.

Eye Candy

Here's a quick glance at what's on offer:


Rather surprisingly, we're most excited to try out the springs as we believe these will solve a lot of issues with the more modern aftermarket hop rubbers currently in use with the community, but we expect that we will be taken aback by the improved efficiency of the other parts when they all come together inside the gun.

You can find out all the details on the parts above by checking out their product listings available here: Link

For more information about WiiTech head over and check them out at one of the below links:


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