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CONTACT! - Heavy BB Roundup by Sniperland

Whilst not specifically a new and upcoming parts release, information alone can be as rewarding and as effective as a new upgrade part, as it can help us better understand and use our existing upgrades. Since the arrival of heavyweight BB ammunition to the market (that is, any weight over 0.40g), we as MK23 users have made every effort to put them to use in our setups, from early use of the wire hop modification to the newest version of the Hadron Airsoft Designs TDC. In simple terms, heavyweight BB's can provide a more stable flight, improved accuracy and felt impact on the target. All of these are clearly advantageous to the MK23 owner, and learning which BB weight to use in your setup can be a difficult, time consuming and costly process.

Sniperland Super Heavyweight article!

Thankfully, a detailed article from Sniperland has done some of this incredibly time consuming and costly work for us. Their "Super Heavy" roundup collects samples from some of the most well known brands and used weights above 0.43g and puts them under close eye to help us make a qualitative based decision on the BB we may choose to use in our MK23's.

Whilst their roundup does lack some of the more commonly found BB brands (such as HotShots, Longbow, HPA, etc) that provide quality super heavyweight BB's, the methodology used in their article to review the quality of a BB is something to learn from, especially if you already have some of the above brands in your possession and are looking to test and compare them against the brands featured in the article. It's a good starting point to say the least.

Sniperland is a french language based resource, so a browser with the means to translate the article may be required, however, please try to use the following pre-translated link below to view the article. You can give it a read here: - Link

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