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CONTACT! - S+ MK23 Barrel and Rubber from T-N.T.

T-N.T. are at it again. After having only recently been introduced to the MK23 community with users adding their VSR TR-Hop buckings in their MK23s to amazing results (after a less than ideal installation however), we have now seen a preview of their specific MK23 bucking and S+ version of their barrel.


Check out the video below.


If you're impressed with those results, you'll be shocked to learn that the test setup in the video does not contain a TDC of any kind, and only relies on the stock hop arm. Here's the technical bit:

Y&P MK23. Modified S+ barrel & New TR-HOP GBB bucking. New TR-HOP GBB bucking. S+ inner barrel 132mm. Muzzle speed - 0.2g / 95 m/s (311 FPS) 0.45g / 62 m/s (203 FPS) Muzzle energy - 0.95 Joule BB - BLS 0.45g BIO Range - 70m+

If their proposed effective range of 70m on 0.45g BB's is accurate, without the use of the TDC, then we are looking at an incredible leap in performance over the community favorite, the Maple Leaf CrazyJet - just imagine how this will perform with a TDC added on.

Although not a sponsored item, we have been fortunate enough to get an early rubber and barrel combo from T-N.T. and are currently putting it through testing. Here are some quick points we have observed (no photos at this time, sorry): Rubber

  • Fixed diameter of rubber, no longer tapered off towards muzzle side. The previous VSR bucking that we had jerry rigged in to the MK23 was tapered towards the muzzle side, this caused some slight fitment instability and allowed the bucking to rotate as the rubber did not sit flush in the hopup assembly. The new bucking now confirms to the standard cylinder shape that we see on other buckings.

  • Locating tab size fixed. The locating tab on the rubber now fits precisely in the hopup assembly slot, preventing the rubber from rotating in the assembly.

  • Concave recess added to hop mound. The previous VSR version introduced the longest contact patch we have seen for a bucking used in the MK23, this new MK23 version keeps the lengthy patch but now has a concave shape molded in to it to more effectively apply hop to the surface of the BB.


  • MK23 specific barrel grooves. The barrel has the correct barrel mounting slots to fit within the hopup assembly without needing to modify the assembly or the barrel. Drop in fit.

  • The barrel has a closed window. Rather strangely, the barrel is not open window like the stock barrel and many aftermarket competitors and has a bridge. We believe this is specifically to assist in the "S+" design of the barrel. The disadvantage of this, is that you can only use T--N.T's MK23 bucking with this barrel unless the bridge is removed.

  • Uses the "S+" design. The S+ design includes a raised section in the barrel to lift the BB up in to the middle of the barrel. The idea is that when gas is introduced, the BB will travel directly through the middle of the barrel and have a more stable flight.

  • The barrel is stock length. At only 132mm, expect a lower FPS than the upgraded favorite of 150mm.

We will be releasing a full length article in the near future to cover our experience with the barrel, however, until then, please check out T-N.T.'s website to learn more about their S+ barrel and other products.

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