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CONTACT! - Hammer Shield by 3D Evolution

We have made contact with a new 3D printed part that has just hit the market. The "Hammer Shield".


Developed by the newly formed 3D Evolution in the UK, the "Hammer Shield" is said to be born out of a need to prevent Clone MK23 users from accidentally engaging the hammer whilst in a holstered position. Whilst not present on the TM, this is a common flaw associated with the Clone MK23's due to poor hammer / sear engagement which directly causes the lightest of pressure on the hammer to interact with the magazine release knocker. The result in a sudden and unexpected plume of gas and BB being ejected out the replica when you least expect it or want it. The Hammer Shield creates a shroud around the hammer to ward against accidental engagement, and is secured against the slide by a clip on lower section, leaving the hammer to move freely within. Although not originally or perhaps intentionally designed for the purpose, early community feedback has suggested that the Hammer Shield serves as an excellent weatherproofing tool, covering the hammer section against rainfall and debris such dirt and mud. We also suspect that the cover will conceal some of the audio from hammer strikes during use. We have put our order in for the Hammer Shield and will review it further in a later article.


For more information, please check out 3D Evolution at: Facebook: Link

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