"Thread" size matters. (LPE CNC 14mm CCW Outer Barrel)

In the real world, the question comes up more than it probably should, but it's one we ask our selves more frequently that we probably like. Does size matter? Be it the size of your TV, new wheels on your car, the BB's you use.... or something... more personal... we find ourselves having to justify and determine if bigger (or smaller) is better all the time. Here's a classic example...

The MK23 and it's upgrades put us in the same predicament, having us choose whether to use a specific barrel length or bucking hardness; and this time, it's something we haven't had to give much thought to before because we simply haven't been offered the choice until now. We're talking about the outer barrel threading, specifically, dropping down from the stock 16mm+1 CCW threading the MK23 is known for using to the very common 14mm CCW threading seen on almost every AEG on the market.

You might say "This has been possible through an aftermarket thread adapter for ages!", well you would be right, aftermarket thread adapters have been on the market for many years now, allowing users to convert their MK23's from a 16mm to a 14mm threading so that they can use more commonly found suppressors and flash-hiders. But this is where the the "issue" lies, and we say "issue" lightly, because it is very much a aesthetic issue with no functional flaw.