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Suppressor Impressive enough? (Suppressor Upgrade Guide)

The stock TM MK23 is already surprisingly quiet with the stock suppressor.

With the support of after market suppressors that have become available the options are growing for the user to customize their game play and to alter their setup to suit the game style and location (woodland/Urban/CQB).

Here we are going to look at a few options of readily available materials that would suit both the stock and aftermarket suppressors.


The stock TM suppressor comes already filled with this type of material, however if you're altering the clone variant suppressor which comes as a screw on barrel extension then you could use the small foam rollers used for painting and decorating from most DIY stores or builders merchants.


Another aftermarket choice that has been used is a towel. The towel is unable to support itself to create an adequate bore so the use of an AEG gearbox spring is utilized to create the bore for the BB to pass through unheeded. The disadvantage of this is that the towel can be heavy and the user can feel this weight during swinging the MK between different targets and this could be detrimental to taking snap shots.


Another great upgrade is to use some heavy pile carpet. This method just requires a piece of fluffy pile carpet rolled up and inserted into the suppressor. This is a self supporting material and negates the use of any additional internal support. The carpet is also considerably lighter in weight than the towel but slightly heavier than the stock foam, but is more efficient at reducing the sound of the MK23. Care must be taken to remove all excess pile by tugging the loose edges until satisfied there's no chance of loose pile becoming loose inside the suppressor.

There are a plethora of options available out there, any open cell foam or structure will work. Here's a list of alternatives that we have tried to noticeable success: Scotch bright scouring pads.

Washing up sponge cut to size.

Felt washers that are used to cushion cymbals in drum-sets alongside traditional foam.

Paint Rollers.

Rubber Disc O-Rings as baffles.

Cardboard Discs as baffles.

The only limitations regarding materials is what you are willing to try in your suppressor!

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