Community Spotlight: Sniper Ops

When Skirmishes and Milsim events no longer take your fancy, or you simply never get to fulfill your dream role of stalking and infiltrating objectives because the site "plan" for the day simply doesn't allow for it, you are usually left with very few options.

Fortunately for UK based players, Sniper Ops was formed, initially as an objective based, competitive airsoft offering with extreme ammo rules; then later developed in to a general group for like-minded players to contribute to the Sniper Ops play-style and events. They usually run events in the Essex + Kent area within the South-East of England. These events typically last either a full day or take place over a 24 hour period and can vary on weapon and ammo restrictions based on the objectives for the day; but still retaining a focus on stealthy gameplay elements.

The Sniper Ops group is currently located on Facebook, allowing for the discussion of Sniper Ops events, but also the discussion of the equipment, techniques, tactics and strategies that are used in the sport by players from all over the world with an interest in the subject. The group is non profit making, run by players, for players, with no marshals required.

Sniper Ops players generally share an incredible interest for the MK23 platform, as they truly can appreciate it's silent and accurate properties, so much so that spotting a Sniper Ops player without a MK23 either as a primary or secondary weapon is usually a cause for concern, akin to a worker without a tool.

For players wishing to seek information and techniques regarding the stealthier side of MK23 usage, the Sniper Ops community is truly a wealth of knowledge that no player should hesitate to check out. You can find them at the following Facebook link.

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