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The guide below intends to provide you with what is considered the essential MK23 upgrades, both in the form of aftermarket parts and DIY modifications for you to reach your own MK23 perfection and enabled ranges of 60 meters or more.

What's important to understand is that not every upgrade or modification will be useful or needed by every person, if you are happy with how your MK23 performs, then it's already perfect, you need not change a thing!

The upgrades listed here are arranged in priority order, however, please review the details for each upgrade as they may only be relevant for specific models. Some list items will redirect to a relevant Blog entry.


List items marked with a * indicate the use of a aftermarket part, all other items should be considered a modification.

Select an item from one of the categories below to quickly navigate to the relevant guide page for it.

| 1. RANGE |



| 4. FPS |


This section covers the most essential upgrades using mods and aftermarket parts to help increase your MK23's ability to project BB's as far as possible and beyond a minimum range of 60 meters.


This section cover's the must have upgrades and mod's that improve the "every day" quality and usage of your MK23.


This section is dedicated to the modifications and aftermarket parts that can improve your MK23's overall accuracy at any range, be it through increased consistency or tighter shot groupings.


This section details the modifications and aftermarket parts that can stabilize and increase or decrease the FPS output of your MK23 so that you can achieve a specific FPS output and better magazine economy.

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