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The aim here is a simple one, easy access to the most essential and often hard to find information available on the Airsoft SOCOM Mark 23 offensive handgun platform, for all supported non-blow back model manufacturers.

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MK23 Section Overview backgrund grid



245mm/427mm (Suppressed)





| WHY THE MK23? |

With so many replicas available on the Airsoft market, your first question naturally might be, why the MK23?

To answer that, you need a brief history on the pistol itself.  Released in 2003 by Tokyo Marui, the NBB MK23 blew away reviewers with its astonishing accuracy, range, magazine efficiency and deadly silence. It initially attracted video game players and movie fans alike for its appearances in Metal Gear Solid, Soldier and Tears of the Sun, but remained a niche choice, never breaking in to mainstream use at fields for its unwieldy size and lack of realistic GBB recoil. However, in the years that past after its release, loyal fans of the replica and its capabilities stayed together, forming small groups of players typically with an interest in stealth and sniping.  The slow and steady increase of MK23 users kept new limited batches from Japan available in stores. As the sport grew worldwide, the MK23 remained a hidden gem, its capabilities as a tool only to be passed on by word of mouth from one group member to another like some ancient tradition. 

15 years have passed since the MK23 made its mark in the airsoft community, in that time, others have cloned Tokyo Marui's original design under their own labels. The availability of cheaper models has brought with it renewed interest from players eager to try out its legendary performance for themselves. The rise of 3D printing has allowed the engineering of game changing and innovative aftermarket modifications that excel the MK23 beyond any of its previous limits. The word that was once spread in obscure forum communities now finds its way to thousands within minutes of it being ushered with the help of social media, video content providers and a thriving, triple digit cult-like community.

Today the potential of a player equipped with a MK23 is no secret, its recognizable shape a warning on its own to any would be opposition. Its effectiveness on the field having an irresistible power of conversion, leaving AEG's discarded within wardrobes and gun cases in its wake. The MK23 has become the weapon of choice for many, no longer just an acquired taste; from the new player to the old, the CQB speedballer, to the Milsim squadie or the invisible Sniper operative. 

The MK23 airsoft replica remains legendary, and this is why its legacy deserves to be recorded and accessible to all players.

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