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This marketplace is strictly for Airsoft MK23 replica and Airsoft MK23 replica accessory listings only and any behavior deemed to be of a scamming nature or listings containing the contrary, firearms, ammunition, or knives will not be tolerated.

Please note the following:


1. This marketplace serves only as a means to bring traders together, a first point of contact between buyer and seller, and will require that all sales posts be listed by a user with a linked Facebook account. Sales are to then be negotiated in private (via Messenger/Private Message) between Buyer and Seller on Facebook in reference to a specific listing on this forum.

Any listing that was not created by a user with a linked Facebook account will be deleted within 72 hours.

2. Listings are not bound by country or region, however the buyer/seller act's at their own risk should they pursue a listing in private. 

ON MY MK is not responsible for any grievances that may arise from a conducted private trade.

For any further information, please contact support at


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