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In our community we often see the certain questions come up more often than others from new and experienced players alike, and that's perfectly fine since information is so easily lost in today's fast moving social media as traditional forums start to phase out.


So in an effort to increase general knowledge and answer some of those most frequently asked questions, they have been listed here for your quick reference.


As the community continues to develop and ask new questions, so will this list. More information regarding any parts mentioned in this FAQ can be found on their specific parts page.


Select a question from the list below to quickly navigate to the answer:

Q: Is there a holster that will fit the MK23?

Q: What is the iKey (or H Plate)?

Q: How long is the stock inner barrel?

Q: Are the clone (ASG/STTI/Y&P) parts compatible with the TM?

Q: Can I use a clone magazine in my TM?

Q: Do the clone magazines require modification to the pressure release valve?

Q: Do I need to upgrade my pistol?

Q: Which BB weight should I use?

Q: What is the TDC?

Q: How do I fix a leaking magazine?

Q: Which is better, TM or Clone?

Q: Can I use AEG barrels in my MK23?

Q: Can I use AEG hop rubbers in my MK23?

Q: What is the thread size on the flashhider?

Q: Is there a steel / metal slide for the NBB MK23?

Q: Can I reduce the sound of the hammer?

Q: Can I stop excess gas from coming out of the fill valve on my TM whilst filling?

Q: Who makes the carbine kit?

Q: My ASG is labelled as a "Fixed Hopup", how do I change it?

Q: The LAM Unit kinda sucks as a flashlight, can I improve it?

Q: I've been told my ASG shoots at 400 FPS with the suppressor on?!

Although the Tokyo Marui version of the MK23 NBB is the most recognizable, there currently exits several re-branded imitations or "clones" on the market. One of the most common requests from users is to know what the immediate differences are between the TM and it's clones. The comparison datasheet below should help you identify some of the key differences.

| Version Comparison Sheet |

If you want a local copy of the sheet, you can download it manually here:

Have a question that you don't see listed here? Be sure to check out the official Facebook MK23 Owners Group FAQ, available here.

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